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Dr. Mary C. Fondren Mary Fondren, DVM

Medical Director, founder and owner Fondren Pet Care Center.
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Letter to the Editor (Palm Beach Post) regarding your new "Living with Pets" column

Sunday, March 07, 2004

I love reading the Residences section of Sunday's paper and now I have one more reason for continuing to peruse it's pages for information and insight into Palm Beach County living. I was thrilled to read in this week's issue about your new weekly column on "Living with Pets" by Dr. Fondren. You simply could not have selected a better vet - I can't say enough about how much I respect, admire and appreciate Dr. Fondren. She is forthright, friendly and funny but primarily, she and her entire staff are dedicated to pets and their owners.

A number of years ago, my five month old Westie was extemely ill with severe gastrointestinal symptoms and had just spent the weekend in the emergency animal clinic. Upon discharge, they stressed the seriousness of her condition and urged me to get her to a vet immediately for follow-up care. The problem was we didn't have a vet. So I drove until I came to the first veterinarian clinic I could find and fortunately for me and my dogs, I walked into Dr. Fondren's office.

The following weekend my puppy was once again in the emergency clinic and about to undergo exploratory surgery. The emergency vets called to confer with Dr. Fondren, who noted electrolyte imbalances in the pre-op blood work and advised against surgery. She suspected Addison's disease and further testing confirmed her diagnosis. Dr. Fondren's saved may dog's life . . . she was already in shock and most certainly would not have survived surgery.

My dog was on daily medication and received monthly injections for her condition, so we were in Dr. Fondren's office many times over the years. Dr. Fondren consulted with veterinary endocrine specialist's to insure that my pet received the best care.

Just recently my Pomeranian mix puppy accidently injested a bottle of prescription medication and once again I showed up unannounced and distraught in Dr. Fondren's office. Jill, her outstanding veterinary tech, and Katie at the front desk, reacted quickly to clear Dr. Fondren's schedule and contact Poison control. As always, my dog and I were treated with a level of care that remains consistently outstanding.

I live in an extremely dog friendly neighborhood and have referred several of my neighbors to Dr. Fondren. We all agree on one thing - Dr. Fondren and her staff treat our pets like they were their own. They are the most professional, caring and knowledgeable veterinarian clinic anyone could hope for. Kudos to you for continuing to affiliate with the best that Palm Beach County has to offer!

Kathleen Kenney


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