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Imagine you are out of town on a business trip. In the middle of the night the phone rings, it’s your spouse, panicked.

“I’m at the emergency clinic with Fluffy. The emergency veterinarian wants to know what kind of medication Fluffy is on and he wishes we had the results of those tests we had run last week”.

As you wipe the sleep from your eyes, you struggle to remember the name of those white pills that were prescribed for Fluffy. Even if you could remember the name of the pills, the number of milligrams in each pill would be lost until you re-read the bottle label.

Fortunately you remember you signed up for Fondren Pet Care Center’s ePetHealth application on their website. You tell your spouse to log into www.FondrenPetCare.com and click on the red login icon with your email address and your password. There on the screen are all the medications Dr. Fondren has prescribed, along with the results of those blood and urine tests and Fluffy’s special diet food, all of which can be printed out for the emergency doctor.

You are confident your darling Fluffy is in good hands and the doctor has the information he needs. As you say goodnight to your spouse, you make a note to self to print a pet ID card with Fluffy’s picture and vaccination records to carry in your wallets.